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Corporate Identity


We live in a world that is increasingly visual. The average person is exposed to thousands of brand messages every day. How does your company make itself heard amongst so much noise?

A well-designed corporate identity can leave your brand imprinted on the minds of your target audience. Your corporate identity should express your brand’s personality and should also serve to set you apart from your competitors. At Infinity Media Works, we can help your business to define and envision itself as a visual statement.

We have an experienced team of creative directors and designers who are highly-skilled at corporate communications. We have assisted in the transition of some of India's major brands from the offline to the online environment, redesigning and re-envisioning them as digital brands.

Companies with a strong identity – the kind that is backed up by the ability to deliver their promise – tend to win. Quoting a Harvard Business Review article; in a survey of 720 executives, companies that were seen as having a stronger identity outperformed others by 25%. Brand strategy and architecture are business critical.

Our corporate identity service offering includes:

  • Corporate Identity guides
  • Digital Corporate Identity
  • Corporate style guides
  • Logo design and development
  • Business cards and stationary
  • PowerPoint slides

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